Small gifts, great pleasure

Every year we ask ourselves the same question: what am I going to buy everyone for Christmas? Looking back, we see that it’s not actually the material value of a present which makes it so special, but the message behind it: that somebody put real thought into it and made an effort.

Small gifts, great pleasure

Here are three ideas for little gifts which come straight from the heart and are unique and personal.

1. There’s chaos in your girlfriend’s handbag? Our Mimi set of bags won’t just tidy away her lipstick and make up brush, but also her keys and mobile phone. And the trendy bright floral pattern will cheer her up every time she opens up her bag.

2. Do you want to make a very special declaration of love to someone this Christmas? The beaded key ring with a red heart is a gift which will express a message of love and togetherness every day.

3. Do you have a godchild who won’t leave the house without their teddy? Then our little Dolly bag is the perfect companion for the next trip to the playground.