It’s time to decorate!

The Advent season is the best time of the year, because then we can decorate our homes to our heart’s desire.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to get yourself and your home into the festive spirit. A simple vase filled with twigs adorned with Christmas decorations can create a celebratory mood. What’s more, it’s so easy to make your own Advent garland in just a few simple steps.

It’s time to decorate!


All you need is a bowl, four candles and suitable decorations. Choose from baubles, birds, medallions or hearts, either traditionally classic, modern or fancy and different, depending on your personal style.

If you are more of a purist, how about our Svala baubles, which are hand-blown in the tradition of Gablonz and decorated with delicate white bird silhouettes.

Or if you like it more over the top, our Heart and Ruby baubles sparkle in shades of red and pink and are decorated with glittering hearts or stripes. Show a bit of courage and find your own personal decorating style!