Upcycling – make the difference

“We care” is more than just a slogan for our new wicker baskets. They not only come in different sizes and shapes and attract everyone’s attention in denim blue and aquamarine. They also tell the story of a second life: Made from PET bottles, packaging and plastic bags, each basket is made from 100% recycled polypropylene. The plastic waste is used as the base granulate, which is the basic material for our baskets. 

We care.

However, for us at Overbeck and Friends, sustainability doesn’t just mean high-quality upcycling, but also paying attention to good quality, durability and a unique design in all our products. Because what we love, we use for longer – and that is exactly our goal.

Our wickerwork is produced in Thailand in so-called “Home Cottage Industries”. Today, more than 100 people work in these small family businesses, making our items by hand with great care and patience according to our designs. Here, too, it is a matter close to our hearts not to lose sight of our social responsibility.

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