An invitation to an Advent coffee meeting:

Inviting your favourite guests over for coffee in the Advent season is a great opportunity to shorten the wait for Christmas.

Coffee and tea can be served stylishly in our Happy Time ceramic cups. You can choose from different colours to perfectly match your furnishing style. The cups don’t only look great, but feel good to hold, just perfect for warming your hands when you sit down after a walk together in the snow. You can serve Christmas biscuits and cake on the xxx melamine tableware, with a design of stars ideal for the festive season.

An invitation to an Advent coffee meeting

Now all you need is cosy candlelight, which we love this year more than ever, because we are all aglow for our XL matches. Presented in pretty boxes, they are not only practical, but are also decorative accessories for your home.


And what’s more, these matches are also a lovely gift to take along for your hosts and hostesses if you are invited over for an Advent coffee or a Christmas drink.